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Get monthly listeners for your profile and keep them actively informed about the latest trends on Spotify. Spotify is an ever-changing market, so using more than one channel to grow your audience can set you apart from the competition.

Spotify is a widely available music streaming service that has proven itself as a gateway to many people’s music world. But most DJs, labels and podcasts still feel lost without a good strategy for reaching new monthly listeners.

Few people know that you can get an endless stream of organic Spotify monthly listeners with a simple trick: Buy Monthly Listeners!

Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

Monthly Listeners are among the most important tools you can work with to increase your domestic and also international popularity. We provide 100% secure Monthly Listeners for Spotify.

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What are Spotify Monthly Listeners?

Monthly listeners are unique listeners who have played your music in the last 28 days. If your song has 1,000 listeners, that means 1,000 people heard it in that particular period of the past 28 days. Spotify releases these statistics every day, which can be found on both the profile page and the Spotify Audiencesection appear there.

By following listener trends, you can get a good idea of how popular your music is over a long period of time. And you gain insight into the overall engagement and behavior of the listeners. If you want to consider more approaches to content to increase your monthly listeners, keep an eye on the daily listeners of your content.

Why do people buy Spotify Monthly Listeners?

You’ve got your Spotify profile and you’ve been working hard lately to create playlists full of original content. However, you’ve been struggling lately to get the monthly listeners and plays you want. What’s frustrating is that you’ve seen others in your industry do better than you. The good news is you’re not alone. In fact, Spotify has become a hugely challenging landscape for anyone who wants to become known for its music and its genre. If you want to succeed in your profession in the long run, it can take quite some time. This doesn’t mean you don’t have enough passion and drive to become a famous musician, it just means that people are different.

If you think now is the time to take your music seriously, you have two options. You can stay on track in your musical engagement and be passive by waiting for monthly streams on Spotify. The more efficient solution is to start a monthly subscription service. This is just legal. If you’re looking for a company that can offer credibility and legitimacy, you’ve come to the right place.

Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

If you want to get more subscribers and monthly listeners for Spotify, this is one of the best options available

We want to be the best option for your social media marketing needs. The great thing about our prizes is that you can have a lot of success with little money. We are also budget-friendly and always deliver results. It just takes a few seconds to get more monthly listeners to your Spotify playlist.

All our services are provided by real customers and we carefully monitor every transaction to ensure delivery is risk-free.

With us you can choose from different countries and regions with the monthly listeners for Spotify. These are the different options we have for you:

  • International
  • United States
  • Great Britain
  • France

Have 1000 Spotify listeners delivered to the US every month for the affordable price of $4.99. If you’re already popular and need more monthly listeners, you can buy up to 100,000 listeners for $299.99.

Keep in mind that these are monthly listeners that cost a little more; the price for 100,000 listeners internationally (worldwide) is € 249.99.

Why should you buy Spotify Monthly Listeners?

The ultimate goal of musicians is to attract a large audience and increase their exposure in the music industry. Adding your music to playlists is the best way to grow your listener base and monthly listeners.

But it’s definitely worth it, and arguably one of the best ideas to invest in growing Spotify’s monthly listeners. You can do this very easily by buying Spotify Monthly Listeners from us. People who listen to your music monthly can help shape the experience for others and help them stay on top of new songs. They also give other listeners a reason to check out your music too!

Spotify is a social music streaming platform with a unique appeal, allowing musicians to be heard by tons of new fans. It also provides a useful insight into the types of songs that may be popular in the future. Successful careers in music can be achieved through various strategies, such as developing your monthly listeners and followers. So buy Spotify Monthly Listeners!

The Benefits of Buying Spotify Monthly Listeners

When you come across an artist on Spotify who has few followers and only a few monthly listeners, do you think their content is worth listening to? Do you want to follow them now or are you tempted to leave them for someone with a few more followers? We bet you’re less likely to follow them because they have so few listeners.

People do a lot of online activities and they want to see what other people are doing and like to see what other people are saying and doing. They are always attracted to content and profiles that are doing really well, rather than those that aren’t. You may be more inclined to trust an artist who has a lot of listeners and likes because it shows they have some sort of traction. As more and more people hear you, they know you are an up and coming artist worth checking out. That’s how exposure is one of the best promotions for emerging artists!

It is important to sell the idea of ​​your music service, which is why many people will opt for monthly subscriptions. It takes a lot of effort for people to grow their subscriber numbers because this activity is competitive. Your monthly listeners will then come naturally.

When you first launch an ad campaign on Spotify, the number of listeners will double or triple within a few months. If people know that you have a lot of listeners every month, they will be more likely to follow you because it is seen as proof of popularity.

Another thing to consider when doing Spotify marketing is that the service not only recommends what its users should listen to, but does so based on an algorithmic process. If you are one of the most listened to artists, you are more likely to be matched with users who like the same kind of music. So there are several reasons why you might want to buy Spotify listeners monthly – an important reason is to save time and effort, which can lead to cost savings.

How many monthly listeners do you need on Spotify to make money?

Do you ever wonder how much money you can make with Spotify? There are many misconceptions about this platform, but if you use it correctly, there are ways you can turn your hobby into a real income generating business. How much money will 1000 steams on Spotify make you?

On average, Spotify pays out $0.003 – $0.005 per stream. Exactly how much Spotify pays you per stream depends on factors such as the country of the stream, the listening time and the percentage of streams you bring to Spotify.

Difference between Spotify Streams and Spotify Monthly Listeners

  • Spotify streams is the total number of times your song has been played. Monthly listeners is the total number of unique people who have listened to your music in the past 28 days.
  • Streams are great because they increase rankings and generate royalties for you. The number of listeners on the other hand helps to express the popularity of an artist in numbers.
  • If your number of monthly listeners remains the same, but the number of streams increases, it means that the same groups of people have listened to your songs more often.
  • The number of streams is always cumulative, while the number of listeners can fluctuate.

The best thing you can do is that both your streams and the Monthly Listeners continue to grow steadily. This means that your fan base is growing and that they are also listening to your music more and more.

How to get more monthly listeners on Spotify?

There are now so many songs on Spotify that you can easily access your favorite artists. There is only one platform that everyone wants to use. It’s great that the process of becoming a musician has become so much easier, but it can be a lot harder to stand out in this oversaturated market.

Building your online presence on streaming platforms is important to your success. Building an impressive monthly listener base can help you gain a lot of fans. As a result, the chance of a contract with a label is already one step closer.

Here are some things you can do to increase your monthly Spotify listener count:

Check your skills

Music can be hard work, but one thing you should always do is be open and honest to get the most out of it. If you can figure out where to improve and seek help without getting discouraged, you’ll be well on your way to growing as a musician and artist.

Ask for feedback from people and especially other musicians who you can trust on their word. There are also enough places online where you can do that, such as special forums for music lovers. And when you get the feedback or criticism, do something useful with it! Improve where you can your weaknesses and keep growing as an artist.

Be consistent

The more consistent you are, the better your craft will become. Concentrate every day on improving your skills, and don’t look for excuses to deviate from this.

Do a little bit of music every day – be it producing, mixing, singing, playing an instrument or writing songs. It doesn’t matter much as long as you are consistent. Developing a pattern with yourself is important to grow and improve, but the best way to do this is to practice every day.

Collaborations with artists

It’s easy, interesting and fun for musicians of all levels to collaborate with each other. It’s a great way to learn about music theory, new sounds, and experiment in different ways. Collaborative songs can help you connect with other artists’ audiences, which is great for building your listener base. You can reach out to other artists on social media and ask them to collaborate. Alternatively, you can find out if there are any jams, open mics or local music gigs in your area and network from there.


Marketing can’t mean you don’t need quality numbers – you do need them, of course. That said, your audience probably won’t like your music if they can’t find it!

Ask yourself what a label would do to push your music. And then try to imitate this yourself on a smaller scale.

Visuals are important

Don’t let the lack of photo editing slow you down. The images you use are essential. Who doesn’t want a little extra style and personality on their podcast or artist profile? You have to take the time to amaze your audience with slick photos, vibrant colors and professional videos. It gives a nice finishing touch to your show.

Can’t you do this yourself? Then enlist help! You will be amazed at how many aspiring photographers there are out there willing to help you with a shoot. Or how helpful that one friend can be for lending his wardrobe for a photo shoot. You certainly don’t need a lot of money for this kind of thing if you get a little creative and surround yourself with people of different talents.

Social media

Social media has become an inescapable aspect of the music industry. Keeping your followers informed about where to view your content is a big part of nurturing the fanbase so they keep coming back. So Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok certainly deserve your attention!

Social media is becoming more and more popular as it provides one of the best networking and word of mouth for musicians. Use your social media to promote your music, not only to get some extra exposure, but also to connect and network. You can use this platform to share more personal content besides showing off great tracks. Whatever it is you’re posting, make sure you have something to report regularly to keep people engaged.

Which artist will have the most monthly listeners on Spotify in 2022?

The number of monthly listeners an artist maintains on Spotify is an important indicator of his position among the most popular acts in the world. That month number changes every day because Spotify updates its statistics every 24 hours.

Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd were both number 1 artists on Spotify for the past year (2022), switching places from December to February.

With 84.31 million monthly listeners, Sheeran has just 5 million less than Justin Bieber, who has 79.66 million. (figures as of May 2022)

To keep a closer eye on the performance of the world’s biggest artists on Spotify, keep Music Business Worldwide now actively monitoring the monthly listener rankings of the superstars on the platform.

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