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Buy Spotify Saves

With the right ratio of streams, saves, followers and monthly listeners you can improve your Spotify statistics and thus achieve a good placement on Spotify playlists. So quickly choose the number of saves and ensure an increase in your rankings.

How do Spotify saves help promote my music?

When buying followers and streams to crush the competition, it’s important to make sure your account looks as real as possible. Buying streams and followers gives you the edge you need! You buy Spotify saves if you:

  • More reach wanted on Spotify
  • Professionally trying to get more fans
  • You want to receive royalties on your tracks
  • Wants to rise in the rankings and boost your popularity

What are Spotify Saves?

See how many Spotify saves you have by going to “View your number of Spotify Saves in Spotify for Artists”. Spotify counts a save when someone listens to your music and taps the heart icon – this saves the song to the listener’s library. You can describe it as a kind of ‘like’ for a song.

Save is one of the few options for Spotify. It’s not just about saving a song, it’s also about creating a playlist of your favorite songs to listen to later. The save rate is the number of times someone saves a song to their Spotify library, divided by the total number of listeners. According to this blog, it is best to have a save rate of 10%.

Which save rate is good?

It is unfortunately not easy to determine what the best ratio of saves to listeners is. This is because it has not been investigated and Spotify itself has not made any statements about it. If you search the internet, you can find a save rate recommendation of 10% from various sources. This means that for every song, for every 1000 listeners, you should have approximately 100 saves. At 500 listeners it is 50 saves and at 6000 listeners 600. The ratio is 10%.

How to determine the save rate for your Spotify Saves?

Go to your dashboard after logging in to Spotify for Artist. Here you see an overview of your songs and three columns with data from those songs: stream, listeners and saved saves. For each song you want to calculate, take the total number of listeners for the song and the number of saved saves.

Save-to-Listener Rate = (Saves / Listeners) x 100

What is the difference between Spotify Saves and Spotify Plays?

A Spotify Save are used to save and keep track of all the music that people like on their accounts. So Spotify saves pass pretty interesting information to Spotify’s algorithm so Spotify knows exactly what kind of music to recommend to that user. It does not directly affect the royalties an artist receives. It does affect the algorithm and any placement on playlists.

The Spotify plays are used as a measure of how often a song is played. Of course, this does affect how much royalties an artist receives.

Why should you buy Spotify Saves?

Artists often turn to social media to promote their music and go viral. However, this does not guarantee a result despite hours of work. On Spotify you can get a boost with Spotify saves because it increases your rankings. By increasing your visibility on Spotify in this way, your songs can be played more often, increasing the chances of them being discovered by new listeners.

Premium users can also choose to enjoy a ‘weekly mix’ and other curated playlists such as ‘discover weekly’. These playlists are updated every week with the latest songs.

Many users automatically save and rely on these playlists for new music. It can also lead to more new saves, listeners and wider use of your music. So it can help you reach and even grow a wider audience! If someone knows and likes one of your songs, chances are they want to hear more of your music too. Your song is popular because they want to listen to it. Spotify Saves is one of the best forms of marketing on Spotify. Companies that want to sell their products must be willing to pay for promotion, so why not do that and start right away?


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