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Buy YouTube Comments

Buying YouTube comments can offer several strategic advantages for content creators looking to enhance the engagement and visibility of their videos. By adding comments, you can stimulate discussions and interactions directly beneath your content, making it appear more lively and engaging to viewers. This increased engagement signals to YouTube’s algorithm that your video is generating interest, potentially boosting its visibility in search results and recommendations. Comments can also provide valuable feedback and insights from viewers, which can be instrumental in refining your content strategy and improving future videos. 

Additionally, a higher number of comments can enhance the social proof of your videos, making them more attractive to potential viewers who see active participation as a sign of quality and relevance. Ultimately, buying YouTube comments can be a tactic to kickstart viewer interaction, especially for new or smaller channels struggling to get noticed.


  • Encourages more viewers to engage in discussions.
  • Signals to YouTube’s algorithm to boost your video’s ranking.
  • Offers insights for content improvement.
  • Makes videos more appealing to new viewers.
  • Helps new or smaller channels initiate viewer interaction.

Optimizing your YouTube profile with a balanced mix of Views, Shares, Subscribers, and Likes can lead to improved statistics and better placement on YouTube playlists.

Buy Custom YouTube Comments

Buy Custom YouTube Comments allows you to tailor the engagement on your videos by purchasing specific, targeted comments. This service enables you to guide the conversation and narrative around your content, ensuring that the comments align with your video’s message and goals. Custom comments can help foster the type of community interaction you desire, making your videos appear more engaging and thought-provoking to viewers and the YouTube algorithm alike.

Buy Random YouTube Comments

Buy Random YouTube Comments offers a way to quickly increase the comment count on your videos without specifying the content of those comments. This service provides a variety of general comments that can boost engagement metrics and make your videos appear more popular and lively. It’s a straightforward approach to enhance social proof and encourage more organic viewer interactions.

Buy Shorts Custom YouTube Comments

Buy Shorts Custom YouTube Comments is tailored specifically for YouTube Shorts, allowing you to purchase customized comments for your short-form content. This service helps you engage with the fast-paced Shorts audience by adding relevant, bespoke comments that spark interest and discussions. Custom comments on Shorts can significantly enhance viewer interaction, making your content stand out in a crowded space.

What are YouTube comments?

YouTube comments are responses or messages that viewers can leave under a video posted on YouTube. They provide a way for the audience to engage with the content, share their thoughts, reactions, and feedback directly with the content creator and other viewers. Comments can range from praise and constructive criticism to questions and community discussions, making them a vital part of the YouTube viewing experience. They offer valuable insights into the viewers’ perceptions and can influence a video’s engagement rate, which is a critical factor for content visibility on the platform. Additionally, YouTube comments can help creators gauge their audience’s preferences, foster a community around their channel, and interact directly with their viewers, enhancing the social aspect of content consumption on YouTube.

Buy YouTube Comments

Is it safe to buy YouTube comments?

Buying YouTube comments from is considered safe because they prioritize authentic engagement from real users, aligning with YouTube’s policies and safeguarding your channel’s credibility. Their focus on genuine interaction ensures that the comments your videos receive will be relevant and contribute positively to your video’s engagement metrics. 

On the contrary, buying comments from low-quality websites can pose significant risks. Such sites may use bots or fake accounts, leading to spammy or irrelevant comments that can trigger YouTube’s spam filters, potentially harming your channel’s reputation or even resulting in penalties from YouTube. Therefore, for a secure way to enhance your video’s engagement and foster genuine viewer interaction, opting for services from reputable sources like is advisable, avoiding the pitfalls associated with less reliable providers.

How can I buy YouTube comments?

Buying YouTube comments is a simple and efficient process designed to enhance your video’s engagement quickly. By selecting a reputable service like, all you need to do is provide the URL of your YouTube video in the designated field, ensuring the comments are directed precisely to your content. Next, choose the quantity of comments you desire, allowing you to tailor the level of engagement to your specific needs. 

Completing your order is straightforward, with a secure payment step that finalizes the transaction. Within just a few hours, your order will be activated, and you’ll begin to see the effects immediately as new, authentic comments start appearing under your video. This hassle-free method is a convenient way to boost interaction and visibility for your YouTube content.

  1. Input your YouTube video link.
  2. Choose the quantity you want.
  3. Complete your order.
  4. Begins within a few hours.
  5. Notice new comments under your video.
  6. Focus on your video content while we handle the promotion seamlessly.

Can you buy real YouTube comments?

Yes, you can buy real YouTube comments from various online marketing services that offer engagement packages. These services claim to provide comments from genuine, active YouTube users, aiming to increase engagement and interaction on your videos. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the service you choose is reputable and complies with YouTube’s policies to avoid any potential issues with your account.

Can I pay for YouTube comments?

Yes, you can pay for YouTube comments through various online marketing services. These services offer packages where you can purchase comments to increase engagement on your videos. It’s important to choose reputable providers that ensure the comments come from real users, aligning with YouTube’s guidelines to avoid potential penalties.

Where is the best place to buy custom YouTube comments?

The best place to buy custom YouTube comments that are authentic and tailored to your content is This platform stands out for its commitment to providing high-quality, genuine engagement from real users. What sets apart is its focus on custom comments, allowing you to receive feedback that is directly relevant to your videos and can stimulate organic viewer interactions. 

By using, you can ensure that the comments your videos receive will not only enhance engagement but also contribute positively to your channel’s growth and credibility. Their service aligns with YouTube’s policies, offering a safe and effective way to boost your video’s interaction without risking your account’s standing. For content creators looking to enhance their YouTube presence with meaningful, custom comments, is the go-to service.

How do I get YouTube comments?

Getting YouTube comments, which are crucial for engagement and interaction on your channel, involves encouraging viewers to share their thoughts and feedback on your videos. Here are strategies to increase the number of comments on your YouTube videos:

  1. Engaging Content: Make videos on thought-provoking topics to encourage viewer comments.
  2. Encourage Comments: Prompt viewers to comment by asking questions in your videos or descriptions.
  3. Interact: Respond to comments to build community and encourage more feedback.
  4. Giveaways/Contests: Use these as incentives for viewers to comment.
  5. Pin Comments: Spark discussions by pinning compelling comments or questions.
  6. Collaborations: Partner with other creators to attract their audience to your content.
  7. Social Media Promotion: Share your videos on social platforms to reach more viewers.
  8. Polls: Use YouTube cards for polls to drive engagement and comments.

By implementing these strategies, you can organically increase the number of comments on your videos, enhancing viewer engagement and the overall visibility of your content on YouTube.

Why can’t kids see YouTube comments?

YouTube restricts kids from viewing comments as a safety measure, primarily aimed at protecting minors from potentially harmful or inappropriate content that might appear in the comment sections of videos. This policy applies to content targeted at children, both on the main YouTube platform and within the YouTube Kids app.Β 

The decision to disable comments on children’s content is part of YouTube’s broader efforts to create a safer online environment for young viewers, adhering to regulations such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and addressing concerns from parents and guardians about the types of interactions and content their children can access online. By removing the ability to see or participate in comments, YouTube aims to reduce the risk of exposure to bullying, predatory behavior, and inappropriate language or topics for younger audiences.

Why can’t I find YouTube comments?

If you’re unable to find or view YouTube comments, it could be due to several reasons:

  • Disabled Comments
  • Restricted Mode
  • Children’s Content
  • Browser Issues
  • YouTube App or Website Glitches
  • Network Restrictions

To troubleshoot, you can try refreshing the page, checking your Restricted Mode settings, updating your browser or the YouTube app, clearing your browser’s cache, or attempting to access YouTube from a different network or device.

Is it possible to edit YouTube comments?

Yes, it is possible to edit YouTube comments. After posting a comment on a YouTube video, you can go back and modify it if you need to correct a mistake, add additional information, or change your wording. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Find the comment you’ve posted under the video.
  2. Look for the three dots (menu) icon next to your comment.
  3. Click on the three dots, and you should see an option to “Edit.”
  4. After clicking “Edit,” make your desired changes to the comment.
  5. Once you’ve edited the comment to your satisfaction, click the “Save” button to update your comment.

This feature allows for more flexibility and control over your interactions on YouTube, enabling you to ensure that your comments accurately reflect your thoughts and contributions to the video’s discussion.

How do I make my YouTube comments popular?

Making your YouTube comments popular involves crafting comments that are engaging, valuable, and likely to resonate with other viewers. Here are strategies to increase the visibility and popularity of your comments:

  1. Early comments gain more visibility.
  2. Insightful or entertaining comments engage others.
  3. Encourage dialogue with relevant queries.
  4. Well-placed humor can attract engagement.
  5. Engaging with top comments boosts your comment’s visibility.
  6. Reply to responses on your comment to increase its activity.
  7. Stay relevant and original to maintain credibility.
  8. Trending topics and memes grab attention.
  9. Relatable emotional reactions can garner likes.

Remember, the goal is to contribute positively to the community and video experience. While there’s no guaranteed formula for making a comment popular, following these guidelines can increase your chances of receiving positive engagement from other viewers.

Can you remove comments on YouTube?

Yes, you can remove comments on YouTube. If you’re the owner of a YouTube channel, you have the ability to delete any comments on your videos. Additionally, if you’ve made a comment on another creator’s video, you can delete your own comment. To delete a comment, simply find the comment, click the three dots icon next to it, and select “Delete” from the menu that appears. This action is permanent, so once a comment is deleted, it cannot be recovered. YouTube also offers features for creators to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review or automatically filter out certain types of comments, providing more control over the comment section of their videos.

How do I turn off comments on YouTube full screen?

Turning off comments on YouTube while in full screen mode specifically isn’t a direct feature. However, comments are not visible in full screen mode when you’re watching a video, as this mode is designed for video viewing without the distraction of comments or other interface elements. If you’re looking to disable comments entirely for your own videos, here’s how you can do it outside of full screen mode:

  1. Sign in to your account and access YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, click on “Content” to see your list of videos.
  3. Click on the video for which you want to disable comments.
  4. In the video details page, scroll down to the “Comments and ratings” section.
  5. Click the dropdown menu next to “Comments” and select “Disable comments.”
  6. Be sure to save your changes.

Remember, this will disable comments for everyone on that specific video. Viewers will not be able to see existing comments or leave new ones, regardless of whether they are in full screen mode or not.

How do I make my YouTube comments private?

On YouTube, you cannot make individual comments private in the sense that only selected users can see them. Comments posted on YouTube videos are public and visible to anyone who can view the video, provided the video owner has enabled comments for that video. However, you can manage the visibility of comments on your own videos in a few ways:

  1. Disable Comments: You can prevent any comments from being posted on your videos by disabling comments entirely. This is done in the YouTube Studio under the video details section by selecting “Disable comments” from the “Comments and ratings” menu.
  1. Hold Comments for Review: You can set your channel’s settings to hold all comments for review before they’re posted publicly. This allows you to screen comments and only make public those you approve. To do this, go to YouTube Studio, select “Settings” from the left menu, then go to “Community” and “Defaults” where you can choose to hold all comments for review.
  1. Delete Comments: If a comment has already been made public on your video and you wish to remove it, you can delete the comment directly. Simply click the three dots next to the comment and select “Remove” or “Delete.”

While these methods affect the visibility of comments on your videos, there isn’t a way to post a private comment visible only to select users on YouTube. Your control over comments is mostly limited to moderating what appears publicly on your own content.

How do I mute a comment on YouTube?

YouTube does not offer a specific feature to “mute” individual comments directly on the platform in the same way you might mute a conversation or notifications. However, there are a few actions you can take to manage unwanted comments or interactions:

  1. Hide the User’s Comments: If a specific user’s comments are problematic, you can hide all comments from that user on your videos. To do this, go to the comment from the user, click the three dots next to it, and select “Hide user from channel.” This won’t notify the user but will prevent their comments from being visible to anyone but them.
  1. Delete the Comment: If a comment is inappropriate or unwanted, you can delete it. Next to the comment, click the three dots and choose “Remove” or “Delete.”
  1. Report the Comment: If a comment violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines, you can report it to YouTube for review. Click the three dots next to the comment and select “Report.”
  1. Disable Notifications for Comments: While this doesn’t mute a specific comment, it can reduce the impact of unwanted interactions. Go to YouTube Settings > Notifications, and adjust your preferences for comment notifications.

For more nuanced control over comments on your videos, consider setting up comment moderation in your YouTube Studio settings, allowing you to review comments before they’re posted publicly. Remember, engaging with negative comments can sometimes escalate the situation, so using YouTube’s management tools can be a more effective way to maintain a positive environment on your channel.


Do the YouTube comments offered by this service come from genuine users?

Yes, the YouTube comments provided by this service are from real, active users.

Is there a risk of account suspension from buying YouTube comments?

Buying YouTube comments from reputable sources, such as, carries no risk of account suspension. This platform guarantees that its services are provided by real, active users, offering a secure and efficient method to boost your presence without jeopardizing your account.

How soon will the results of buying YouTube comments become visible?

You’ll see results immediately after buying YouTube comments.

What to do if my order is not delivered?

If your order is not delivered, contact our customer service immediately to report the issue and request assistance or a refund.

Who can I contact for further assistance?

For further help, please reach out to our online support, located at the bottom right of the website.

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