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Podcasts are super popular on Spotify these days. Our services are what you need to get your podcast known and featured. We’ll help you reach a wider audience in no time. Yes, you can now easily promote your podcasts and achieve more reach with our Spotify Streams.

Earn money with Spotify podcasts

Podcasters can easily earn from Spotify. Spotify has several ways for creators to monetize their work. You can just put your podcast on the platform or you can use old fashioned methods like merchandising, streaming, physical copies and more. Spotify is a paid subscription-based platform that allows creative people to make money. To listen to podcasts on Spotify, you have to pay for them. So this is a good source of income for musicians and podcasters. More Spotify Podcast streams means more revenue through royalties. You are lucky! There are many great services for sale from us like the Spotify Streams to help you get started monetizing too.

Grow the popularity of your Spotify podcasts

Podcasts have been around for a while and are becoming increasingly popular among the masses. An entire industry has been created just for this concept, with people following popular accounts or channels releasing their podcast every day or every week to an audience of almost anyone in the world.

The struggle to become popular can be difficult. But if you are passionate about your podcast and put in enough effort, it will pay off! One way to improve that process is to market the show through social media. One of the best ways to market the podcasts and increase your streams is to buy our Spotify Streams.

We can increase your popularity on Spotify in just minutes. More streams means more people are listening to your podcast. This makes it easier for others to find your podcasts on Spotify and has greater search relevance.

Start a podcast on Spotify

If you’re new to podcasting and want to get started, we recommend following these steps. Read our full article on how to start your own podcast here.

Step 1: before uploading the podcast

The first thing to do is decide on the concept of your podcast and adapt to the right Spotify format to make it as successful as possible. The next step would be to finalize your podcasts, record and edit them using a podcast recording software you know, and provide any file details. Don’t forget the metadata and cover photo, after which you can upload it to a podcast hosting site

For podcasters looking to grow their audience and make money, it’s important to have at least three (3) episodes ready, all in one package, which is a podcast audio file. These give your new listeners more options, encouraging podcast downloads and subscriptions to your show.

Step 2: Choose a hosting company for your podcast

Now that your podcast is ready to be uploaded, it’s time to decide which hosting company to use. Common podcast hosts are Libsyn, Buzzsprout, Blubrry even Podbean.

To find the right one for you, you need to do more research on them and what they have to offer. They are not all free. You may want to reconsider your decision if you have big plans or if you need the best possible experience with your product.

Most apps like Spotify don’t store podcast files and you have to use other hosts instead.

Step 3: Upload the podcast to the hosting company

You can now add podcasts to Spotify through the service of your choice. This is how you do that depending on the hosting you chose:

  • How to send the podcast to Spotify with Libsyn
  • Log in to your Libsyn account
  • On the dashboard, click on the ‘Destinations’ tab and then ‘Add new’.
  • Then click on ‘Edit’ next to Spotify
  • A new destination creation form should appear on your screen. You can choose from a few options that are relevant to your podcast.
  • Enter the subtitle, a summary and the author name (the name of your show)
  • Set your podcast language and choose whether the podcast contains explicit content
  • Also enter your name and your e-mail address
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click on ‘Save’

Go to Spotify with Blubrry

  • Log in to your Blubrry account
  • There are requirements you must meet when submitting a podcast to Spotify. Make sure yours meets those specs before trying to submit!
  • Enter the RSS feed and the home country
  • Fill in the category to describe your show appropriately
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Enter your name and submit the podcast

Upload with Buzzsprout

  • Log in to your Buzzsprout account
  • Click on “iTunes and Folders”
  • Select ‘Send your podcast to Spotify’
  • Your show’s title, your Buzzsprout account email, and your RSS feed must be entered
    Is your show free of copyrighted material? Then confirm.
  • Press ‘Send’

Upload with PodBean

  • Log in to your Podbean account
  • Go to Settings and click on ‘Social Share’
  • Find and click the ‘Connect to Spotify’ button
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Select the home country of your show
  • Click on ‘Apply’

If you have chosen a different hosting, you can simply follow the instructions on that podcast host’s website.

Step 4: Wait for Spotify’s approval

Spotify won’t contact you about the status of your podcast submission, but you’ll still hear from your hosting if it’s approved. You can also wait 2 to 5 days for your show to be approved or you can search for your podcast on Spotify until it appears there. You want to be in control of the design of how it looks in Spotify and therefore be ahead of the general public.

Step 5: Share your podcast link

To get your show heard on Spotify, create a user profile page and promote it by sharing the link. Share your podcast with your friends, family and/or followers on social media platforms. Make this a regular habit when publishing podcasts and reaping the benefits of a much wider audience.

How can you make money with Spotify podcasts?

Every time someone streams or listens to a podcast or music on Spotify, the podcast owner receives a small amount. This amount varies between artists, depending on their popularity on Spotify.

Most podcasters get an average of $0.00357. So if you are a new entrant, you have the potential to get this amount. This means that if you get 100 streams, you will earn $0.35.

1,000 streams will run you between $3 and 0.57. It takes about 3.5 million streams a year to make $12,000, which would be a nice minimum wage of $1,000 a month.

1. Put podcasts in a playlist

If your Spotify podcasts are popular, you probably get thousands of podcast streams. Of course there is a lot of competition. So it’s best to keep sending your podcast feed to potential playlists.

Using your own playlist to add content is an easy and effective way to gain popularity. The tracks must be related, so it’s important that there are only songs or podcasts that match! You can now upload your playlists to other websites and share them online. There is also a subreddit that you can find and share with the rest of the world!

2. Collaborate with artists

This is another way to leverage yourself when streaming your own content or being interviewed by other artists and also creates opportunities for fans of each artist to talk about the other. You’ll be seeing more and more collaborations these days, so why not give it a try?

If you think your podcast is really good, reach out to artists small and big and ask them to collaborate. You will have to be patient as you could receive hundreds of such requests

3. Affiliate marketing

Het bedrijf waarmee je samenwerkt (het bedrijf dat de affiliate aanbiedt) zal jou een gelieerde link verstrekken die je aan de luisteraars van jouw podcast kunt verstrekken. Het is een goed idee om een simpele podcasting-affiliate-link klaar te hebben voor gebruik welke makkelijk op te lezen voor jou en te onthouden is voor jouw luisteraars. Gebruik hiervoor bijvoorbeeld een standaard opzet, zoals jouw website met een toevoegingThe company you work with (the company providing the affiliate) will provide you with an affiliate link that you can provide to the listeners of your podcast. It’s a good idea to have a simple podcasting affiliate link ready to use that is easy for you to read and remember for your listeners. For example, use a standard setup, such as your website with an addition

When people visit the page with that URL, they perform the action and companies then reward you. You get paid a certain amount, depending on the number of visitors you get who then buy something from the affiliate website.

4. Sell merchandise

Give your fans exclusive access to goods that won’t disappoint with good merchandise. Think for example of t-shirts, coasters, mouse pads, stickers, bags, mugs, etc.

One way to sell a merchandise is to do it as a print-on-demand model. This means that you print products at the time of purchase and ship them to your customers. With low overhead and passive income, you can already do this. The shipping and inventory are placed with a third party, so you don’t have to worry about that.

5. Offer Paid Memberships through Patreon

Patreon is a very popular platform that allows fans to make regular monthly payments to their favorite podcaster. As a creator, you have decided to offer your community members several subscription options.

Podcast business models that rely on subscription revenue work well for independent podcasts that want to focus on growing their audience. This helps reduce the risk of profit-based business.

4. Host live podcasts and ask for tips

Hosting in-person events can be a great way to earn some extra cash as a podcaster, but finding gigs is harder for new podcasters. Live venues can be used to perform, but they often won’t pay you unless you have a large number of listeners and people who want to see your show.

Live streaming has really taken off in recent years and it is now common to see podcasts that use these tools. This can improve your output quality and profitability. You also don’t have to arrange much in advance or make travel plans like with a live show on location.

Trying to choose where to host your podcast? You may not want to just put it on Facebook Live, given how much traffic that network is getting. You should first see which social media platforms have live features to pick one that is the most popular.

  • Patreon. Patreon uses a chat app called Crowdcast to host live streaming events and allows you to create both free and paid events.
    Patreon is a place for creators to connect with their audience and earn a living doing what they love. On their site, you’ll find a range of different tools, including live video hosting, live chat rooms, and more. Patreon uses Crowdcast to host these events.
  • Twitch. Twitch has a new feature called Squad Stream that allows up to 4 streamers to earn money from the same window. Many people mainly use Twitch for their gaming content, so it’s a great and cheap platform to promote your podcast.
  • Facebook Live. Facebook has the largest audience of all social media platforms and is only growing. There is no paid streaming feature on Facebook Live yet, but you can monetize your stream by enabling In-Stream ads.
  • YouTube Live. YouTube Live allows you to monetize ads and Super Chat from paying fans. However, to use these features, you must be admitted to the YouTube Partner Program.

How much money do you need to start a podcast?

A Podcast Mic doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. If you don’t want to mix studio-quality audio, you can use free software like Audacity or GarageBand to create high-quality audio. But if you’re looking for a more advanced sound mixing suite like Adobe Audition, the price starts at $20.99/month.

Podcasting software like FL Studio, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro can easily produce great music and save you time, although they tend to be a bit pricey if you’re just using them for podcasting.

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